Thankful Thursday

I’m back! Whew, that was quite the trip.

There is nothin’ like five days in Las Vegas that’ll make you more thankful for your own bed! In the spirit of Thankful Thursday, I am thankful to be home and to have finally slept on own comfy pillows and under my familiar covers last night!

This week flew by, thanks to a very busy work schedule at a trade show, and the fun keeps coming! Tomorrow we’re heading off for a BBQ competition in Castle Rock, CO; wish The Kilted Pig lots of luck! And of course, the holiday weekend is packed with fun after that. To rest up for the weekend (and continue to recover from the last several days), I plan to get in lots and lots of extra sleep tonight. I’ll be singing praises to my bed all day!

Happy Thankful Thursday! I missed you all so much this week…glad to be back!

Via One Sydney Road. Via french by design.
Via Young House Love

Via My Scandinavian Retreat.

Via Alice in Designland

Via decor8

Via Oh Happy Day

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