Thankful Thursday

Today is a GORGEOUS day in Colorado!

The skies are a striking blue and the summer sun is just a-blazin’ down on us! It makes me so very thankful for sunshine! Our bright sun couldn’t have chosen a better week to really warm up – being that we’re just a couple of days into my favorite season, summer.

I’m staring out my office window today (at the Rocky Mountains…it does not suck), wistfully daydreaming about floatin’ in a pool and soakin’ up the sun while sipping on a cool, summer drink. Ahhhh, sounds nice, huh?

Daydream as I will, I have to wait until the weekend to get out and about in this perfect weather so, for now, pretty images will have to suffice.

Hope you’re out enjoying the sun today!

Via Pinterest. From Inspired by this Feeling.
By Elaine Connolly
Via Pinterest. Via A Well Traveled Woman.
Via You Are My Fave. Via Sunday Evening.
Via oh, hello friend.
Via kissssing.

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