Work-It-Out Wednesday: “But, I Don’t Want to…

workout. However, I will take another box of Hot Tamales. Oh, and…uh…why don’t you go ahead and pour me another IPA?” ~ Me, for the last 7 DAYS!  

In related news, I gained three pounds. Candy and beer triumph once again over running.

How does this happen?

Well, it starts with excuses….You know, “I’m too tired”, “I’m too busy”, or “I’m too drunk”…to run, lift, or do yoga. Then the excuses go away because the body gets used to doing nothing and instead of craving a sweat session, I crave sweets or carbs, and I start to dread the workout.

Then the excuses are replaced by empty promises, “Well, I’ll start again fresh tomorrow,” or “Today will be the last day that I eat Swedish Fish for breakfast.” And then the next day comes and sure enough, those addictive crimson swimmers have found their way into my grubby paws and my packed schedule looks even less promising to squeeze in a cardio-sesh.

What happens after all these excuses and empty promises (besides gaining 3 lbs)?

A workout week like the one below:

  • Wednesday 6/15 – 30 min yoga
  • Thursday 6/16 – 3 mile run
  • Friday 6/17 – Off
  • Saturday 6/18 – Walked around some gardens…Uhmm, Off.
  • Sunday 6/19 – Off
  • Monday 6/20 – OFF, Again? Really?
  • Tuesday 6/21 – 30 mins yoga

I’m embarrassed.

How can we triumph over these obstacles? Can’t they just stop making Swedish Fish already!? Or, can’t someone else do my To Do list so I can shed a pound or two?

No. No, that’s not gonna happen.

So, you just have to do it yourself. You just have to push past the candy aisle, pencil in ‘workout’ on the To Do list, ignore the excuses, and strive to achieve your goals. Everyone will run into a day or two when there really, truly isn’t enough time or the craving for a sweet treat or homebrew is just too strong (and go ahead, you should ENJOY life! Hello!) but we have to make sure that we aren’t creating habits or slipping into old ways. One day off (or even a few) and an enjoyable snack is vital to living a healthy balance, but be sure not to spiral into Lazyville. As you can see, I quickly become Couch Stacey – queen of gelatinous candy and ruler of micro consumption. Not pretty.

So today, I had my green monster for breakfast and I’m squeezing in my run over lunch to make sure that I get back on track. And….AND, I found a wonderful flow chart that will definitely help next time one of the “But I don’t want to…” excuses finds its way into my brain for the fourth day in a row.

Hope you like it!

Via Carrots ‘N’ Cake. Created by No More Bacon

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