Here’s to Dad!

Happy Friday & Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

For all you fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, god-fathers, and anyone who has taken the role of a Father in someone’s life, I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a very happy Father’s day!

‘Dad’ via Pinterest

I thought I’d use today’s toast to celebrate Dad’s everywhere by telling you a bit about my own father. Like most little girls, I grew up looking up to my Dad and thankfully have started to find a lot of the traits that I most admired about him in myself as an adult.

My dad spent most of my youth working as the leader of a sales team, striving to provide for me and my three siblings, no matter the hours or cost to him. Once I entered college, he left the sales world to pursue baking and eventually enrolled back in school full-time. Today he is a student and his dedication to schoolwork and his degree are truly inspiring.

As a kid, I remember growing up always looking forward to the camping trips my mom and dad planned. I credit my own love for camping to his excitement and dedication to getting off the beaten path to camp in quiet, private locations. Dad was always the parent that you asked first if you could stay out past curfew, the one who took us to McDonald’s (when we rarely ate their otherwise), and who let us have soda with dinner – score!

He made Sunday’s a day for family and put absolutely all his energy from early fall to December 25th into making Christmas the most special day of the year. It’s thanks to my dad’s passion for Christmas that I now start celebrating the day on November 1 (Publicly. I really start celebrating and eagerly anticipating Christmas some time in July).

My dad has battled difficult times and has seen ups and downs but with hard work and determination he’s still kickin’ and goin’ strong. I know his next chapter of life (finishing his degree and becoming a grandpa!) will be as exciting and even more full of joy than the past 50+ years have been.

Dad & Me

To my Dad, thank you. I’m so thankful for you, for the lessons you’ve taught me, and for the love you’ve given me. I hope you have the most wonderful Father’s Day! 



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