Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for positive power!

What do I mean by positive power? I mean I’m thankful for all the good people out there who provide super-support and encouragement whenever I need a boost. (You know who you are…and if you aren’t one of them…..then you should meet some of my people. They’re rad.  You’ll like ’em.)

But, it’s not just the friends that are programmed to say nice things that I am shouting out praises for today. I’m also thankful for websites, books, images, quotes, and random smiles from strangers that make you stop, smile, and think, “Huh, life is pretty darn awesome. Isn’t it?” Example: One day a lady at Starbucks high-fived me and I literally couldn’t stop smiling about it for hours!

Another example, did you know that the cyberspace is just packed full of good ol’ healthy positive thinking? That’s right…it’s not just a place for Googling, “What is a multi-hyphenate?” or illegally downloading movies. There are people out there in the real world who pump some seriously good vibes in to the interwebs – just to spread joy to you and me (kind of like cyber-Santas!). Every time I stumble across an uplifting message, read a quote of sheer brilliance from iconic super-human, or catch a glimpse of an image that’s captured an amazing moment in time, I’m instantly re-energized and thankful for all that is.

Having this positive power from friend, barista, or web helps me keep my head on straight when I start to let the brain-clouds storm up. I wanted to share some of my favorite sites of happiness with you so if you ever need a place to visit for a reminder that life is wonderful, you’ve got lots of places to go!

Happy Thankful Thursday!

via Super Swoon.
via 365q.
via Yes and Yes. Visit her site to download the Compliment Poster! Free!
via Awesome People Hanging Out Together.
via Pinterest.

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