Work-It-Out Wednesday: Alternative Workouts

Happy Wednesday!

How are all of you on this beautiful June day? I hope you are all doing well! We have been so lucky here in Colorado for the past couple of days – it really feels like summer here! On Friday, I took advantage of that summer feeling and took off work early to head up the Poudre Canyon and go hiking with my mom and spouse. (The spouse actually ditched us and went fishing in the river. Puh, to each their own, I guess.)

Mom and I did short hike, probably around 4 miles total, in an hour and a half. It was a beautiful trail along a babbling brook with wildflowers, interesting rock formations, and lots of Colorado fresh air! Actually not a lot of air, that’s a lie. It gets pretty thin up there in the Rockies. My sea-level livin’ mama was having a bit of trouble catching her breath on occasion.

It was quite the adventure…we had to cross the brook several times, we were warned of mountain lions, and Mom even got attacked by a wild Yorkshire Terrier. All right, it wasn’t wild. It was just a tiny dog that some people on the trail let run ahead. The little pup jumped up on mom’s leg when she wasn’t looking and, by golly, you’d think she was attacked by a wild beast. I know it’s not funny ’cause she was scared….but….okay…it was really freakin’ funny.

Our hike ended by meeting up with the spouse at the Mishawaka, where we relaxed on a deck over the Cache la Poudre River and enjoyed a couple of CO local brews. It was a lot of fun!

Going on a hike got me thinking about all the different forms of exercise out there that I rarely take advantage of. I tend to feel that my exercise doesn’t count unless it’s running or yoga…period. I overlook going on long bike rides, hiking, swimming, and other modes of movement. I plan to make an effort to incorporate more summer activities in my workouts going forward and included a couple in this week:

  • Wednesday 6/8 – Off
  • Thursday 6/9 – Off again
  • Friday 6/10 – 1.5 hour hike
  • Saturday 6/11 – Danced, danced, AND danced at a wedding
  • Sunday 6/12 – Off
  • Monday 6/13 – 30 mins yoga
  • Tuesday 6/14 – 3 mile run; Ab workout

I’ll be looking for fun summer workouts, so if you have any suggestions, please send them along! What kind of exercise do you do? Is it different in the summer vs. the winter?


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