Chip Off the Ol’ Block

Good Morning!

Today I’m pushing back our typical Tasty Tuesday and instead sharing a very fun photo shoot with you! Recently, my dear friend, photographer, and blogger over at freckle photography, Jesse, did a photo shoot with me and my mom! I was so honored and excited when she asked me to participate and explained her idea for her new series ‘Lessons from My Mother’…which you can read all about here.

The basic rundown is my mom and I got to laugh, pose, and smile for the camera on Sunday evening and then I shared five life lessons that I’ve learned from my wise mama. I’ve previously written about my mom being my healthy role model and how incredibly proud of her I am, but this fun shoot gave me the opportunity to share some light-hearted and also super-important advice she’s given me over the years (for example, the correct undergarments can make or break an outfit).

Here are a couple of my favorite shots, but be sure to check out the whole shoot over at freckle photography!

A big thanks to Jesse for her inspiring idea and snapping such great images!

And, of course, a big thanks to my mom! Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


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