Recent Read: Bossypants

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? What did you all do? I had a wonderful weekend road trippin’ with my spouse to Wyoming, but I must say, it was a LONG drive. I’m definitely glad to be back home!

Over the weekend, I finished up Tina Fey’s Bossypants. In a word, hilarious. I liked everything about this book…even the blurbs on the back cover had me laughing. My favorite: “Totally worth it.” ~ Trees.

This memoir-esque collection of tales made me literally burst out laughing loud enough to startle my dogs (and almost lose my drink through my nose). Using her sharp humor and incredible writing talent, Fey takes us chronologically through her youthful dorkiness, awkward high school and college experiences, and first-job mishaps at the YMCA. When Fey joins the famous Second City, she begins a journey that will later transform women’s role in comedy and reminds us that women shouldn’t be competing against each other for a few, coveted jobs but instead should be helping and supporting one another.

She describes getting hired by Lorne Michaels, her long hours on SNL, creating 30 Rock, and her classic portrayal of one Alaskan governor. Fey’s self-deprecating jokes are at their best in the chapter when she describes what it’s like to be photographed for a magazine and how she feels about Photoshop. And, at the same time that she recounts her career success and doing photo shoots in places “nicer than where you had your wedding,” she also shares her down-to-earth holiday traditions, what happens when there’s a fire on your honeymoon cruise, and explains her attempt at juggling a family and career.

I very much enjoyed this hilarious book by an incredibly strong, funny, and entertaining woman. I recommend it to everyone…go get a copy today! Like the trees said, it’s totally worth it.


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