Here’s to Road Trips!

Happy Friday!

This weekend, the spouse and I are going on a road trip! It’s a mini road trip (I think it’ll only take us about 3.5-4 hours to get there) but a road trip nonetheless. We’re headin’ up to good ol’ Casper, WY to watch two of our close friends tie the knot! It’ll no doubt be a wonderful wedding!

Via That Kind of Woman

I haven’t been on a road trip of a significant distance in ages! When I was in college in Wyoming, I embarked on a motorized journey with my girlfriends to British Columbia – stopping in Montana and Washington along the way. I have driven from Colorado to New Jersey on more than one occasion….let me tell ya, that’s a treat. Turns out Pennsylvania feels just as long as Nebraska for you Westerners. Oh, and for you Easterners, Nebraska IS longer than Pennsylvania. Highway I-80 and I have gotten to know each other quite well over the years.

I think the longest cross-country excursion I’ve ever driven was with my mom (who is so sweet and babysitting our pups this weekend for us). We drove from Cheyenne, WY down to Roswell, GA and then up to Toms River, NJ. Whew! We stopped in a creepy, creepy town in Kentucky, stayed a night in Nashville, drove through the Carolina’s, and enjoyed some wonderful mom/daughter bonding time. It was a really great trip!

In preparation for our highway adventure, I’m thinking of all the little things I’ll need to keep me entertained along the way. I’ve compiled this list of car must-haves:

I’m excited for the car-time with my hubby and looking forward to toasting to the happy couple! For today’s quote, I had to default to a classic road trip movie:

“This is no longer a vacation. It’s a quest. It’s a quest for fun. I’m gonna have fun and you’re gonna have fun.” ~Clark Griswold, Vacation

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! What’s the farthest or most exciting road trip you’ve ever taken?


5 thoughts on “Here’s to Road Trips!

  1. Also, I fortgot. I have driven from Cheyenne to Philly and I would concurr PA is just like NE but NE being a bit worse. This was as an early adult. Then as a young child making a road trip with my dad and brother to visit my mom (who flew) we drove from Cheyenne to Panama City Beach, FL. Was a fun journey by long…very long. I love me a good road trip!!

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