Work-It-Out Wednesday: Bolder Boulder 2011

Good morning!

Today is an AWESOME day!! It’s the first day of June…..which is the month I got married in (5-year anniversary on Friday….still swooonin’), it’s my mom’s birthday month, today is National Running Day, I’m headed to Vegas later in the month….AND my MOM IS COMING TO VISIT TODAY!

I just couldn’t be more excited for June! I’m also excited to tell you about the Monday’s Bolder Boulder 10k! It was fantastic!

But first, my weekly workout. BTW, this is so helpful for me. There were two times in the last week that I didn’t want to work out but I thought, “what will the readers think if I bail?”  Lo and behold, I worked it out. Thanks for the motivation! This crazy idea works!

  • Wednesday 5/25 – 30 Min Yoga (at home)
  • Thursday 5/26 – Off
  • Friday 5/27 – 3 Mile Run/Ab Workout
  • Saturday 5/28 – 3 Mile Run
  • Sunday 5/29 – Off
  • Monday 5/30 – Bolder Boulder 10k!
  • Tuesday 5/31 – 30 Min Yoga (at home)

So, the Bolder Boulder! I PR’d! I ran the 10k (6.2 miles) in 51:37 mins. It was, as always, a very fun race. There were bands, hippies, belly dancers, people spraying runners with hoses, people passing out marshmallows to runners, and inspiring signs along the ENTIRE course!

Speaking of the course, not only did the 1 millionth person cross the finish line this year but it was also a brand  new course! It felt a little crowded, but I suppose when over 50,000 people run a race things are going to be a little crazy! Something I love that they added this year (or at least it was the first year that I noticed) was that they had a big sign at the race summit….which is 5,391 ft! In the words of the BB marketers, Sea Level is for Sissies!

Here’s a few snapshots of the race including a very cheesy, weird-angle photo of me. Happy Wednesday & Happy June!

The Start

The Blues Brothers

The Summit! 5,391ft
The Finish Line!
A Happy Runner

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