Tasty Tuesday: Odell Brewing Co.

Happy Tuesday!

How was your Memorial Day weekend!? I hope it was a wonderful kick off to summer! The spouse and I enjoyed BBQ’s, brewery tours, running, and the movies….it was a perfect three-day weekend!

For me, it really starts to feel like summer when I’m tasting a seasonal micro on the patio of any Fort Collins brewery. Last Friday, we kicked off the Memorial Day festivities doing just that which is today’s Tasty Tuesday tale….a visit to Odell Brewing Co.

Around 4pm on Friday, we started the holiday weekend on the right foot with a trip to the famous local brewery for an afternoon sip. We’ve been to Odell a billion times (’cause we love them!) so we’ve already taken the tour and tried the sampler trays. On this visit, we both decided to try a pint of a beer we’d never had before.

Spouse tried the Cerveza Vecino and I tried a wit beer that I’ve forgotten the name of…. It’s not Odell’s fault, it’s mine. I know I don’t like wit (wit is a belgium-style wheat beer) so I don’t really know what I was thinking when I ordered it. The spouse and I traded after one sip and I quickly forgot all about it. The Cerveza Vecino, however, was delicious! It was kind of like a Negra Modelo and I really enjoyed it. Good news…the spouse liked the wit a lot!

We decided to stay for a second round but both went for the Odell Classic IPA. I love their IPA – it’s heavy on the hops which gives it a very bold flavor. Yum, hoppy, yum. I order a pint almost every time we visit.

Beer number two in hand, we relaxed in the tasting room and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere that they have created in their brewery. With over 45,000 square feet of space, Odell is an impressive building. The tasting room has plenty of seating, is always playing good music, and usually full of fun, beer-lovin’ folks.

Post beers, we checked out all the new t-shirts, glassware, and other goodies they have in their store (this has been added to my wish list) and the spouse tried on hats (he currently has this but needs a new one from wearing it so much). We left happy (as always when visiting Odell) and look forward to visiting again soon!


2 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday: Odell Brewing Co.

  1. fun! i have that track jacket, and i gave john that hat. apparently i’m quicker to purchase odell apparel than you two are!

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