Work-It-Out Wednesday

New daily theme? Hard to say. We’ll see how long this one lasts!

What motivates you? What gets you off the couch and into the gym? What is it that drives you to volunteer for an organization? Why do you go for a walk after dinner or ride your bike to work? What is it that compels you to try a little harder?

For me, its other people. I’d like to say I’m driven by some internal desire for accomplishment and perfection (well, maybe a little of that…Type A’s…God love ’em), but my biggest motivator is the people I surround myself with. Things like the number of visits to my blog, comments on clothing choices from friends, praise from my boss, a sweet word from my spouse, or a compliment on my weight from my grandfather (yes, you read that right – my grandfather is quick to notify me if I’m getting too “fleshy”) are the drivers in most everything that I do.

But, it’s not only what they think of me that gets me going. I am also motivated to try to be like THEM! There are so many fascinating people out there who are accomplishing so much…..and I’m lucky enough to know a whole group of superstars! I can’t help but want to grab on to a piece of their awesomeness and integrate it into my own existence in some way.

I’m nearing the end of this introduction, I swear.

So, because I invest so much in the feedback and approval of others (which may or may not be a character flaw…I say it depends on how you look at…glass is half-full, remember), my hope with ‘Work-It-Out Wednesday’ is this: If I’m reporting my weekly workouts to you, I’ll be motivated to try a little harder on each run, not skip a sweat session, or get a little creative in the daily exercise. Who knows if it’ll work!? Who knows if you even care about this? Feedback is greatly appreciated. :)

So, this week:

  • Wednesday 5/18 – 30 min yoga (at home); Ab workout
  • Thursday 5/19 – 3 mile run
  • Friday 5/20 – 3 mile run; Ab workout
  • Saturday 5/21 – Hope Lives 5k! (more on this below)
  • Sunday 5/22 – Hit 105 balls at driving range – 45 min
  • Monday 5/23 – Off
  • Tuesday 5/24 – Off, Again. Bad Stacey.

There’s what I did and I’ll report the upcoming week to you next Wednesday, too. Hmm, is this interesting?

So, I mentioned that I did a race. The Hope Lives Pink Boa 5k was last Saturday and I PR’d (set a Personal Record)! I am not going to report my splits as I believe the mile markers were VERY inaccurate, but my overall time was 23:36 min! Woot Woot! It was a great race!

Race Start

Jogging Photography – Apparently I run at a 45 degree angle.
Post-Race PR Glow! P.S. I don’t usually run in a Pink Boa…had to wear it as a belt.

Afterwards, I volunteered for about an hour or so with the Jr. League at the post-race expo to tell people about our upcoming Garden Tour and recruit new members. It was a wonderful morning and I got to hang out with some very cool gals!

The Band

Jr. League Booth

So, tell me, what motivates you? What is your weekly workout like?


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