Thankful Thursday

Uh oh, I smell another daily theme!

I assume ‘Thankful Thursday’ requires very little explanation but I’ll go ahead and give ya a quick one just in case. I’ve been thinking of having a daily theme to guide the direction of my blog and give me a greater sense of purpose in my posts. One thing I’d like to be better at is taking the time to give thanks for all the gifts I’ve been given in life. I think I overlook quite a bit and no longer want to take the good fortune I’ve received for granted. Plus, I’m kind of into alliteration and ‘Thankful Thursday’ just rolls right of the tongue  reads well.

So, what am I thankful for today!? Honestly, I’m thankful for all the RAIN we’ve had here in Colorado! Most people are getting tired of the drizzle but I am enjoying it for my own selfish reasons. Here’s the deal, the last two weeks have been challenging…I’ve been fighting off a major case of the blues and this gloomy, gray weather has struck a perfect chord with my mostly-cloudy attitude. In efforts to kick my dreary outlook, I’ve been trying to change things up in my daily routines and fix bad habits. My hope is that when the sun finally shines on our now beautifully green Rockies (thanks RAIN!), I’ll be feeling back to my usual self.

In another attempt to cheer myself up, I’v been catching up on all my favorite blogs and an idea occurred to me. As part of the new ‘Thankful Thursday’ format, I think I’ll plan to share my fave posts, pics, and ideas from my daily reading list with you. I see so many beautiful images, read such incredibly inspiring stories, and find such joy in all the bloggers out there that it seems wrong to keep it to myself. Reading updates from my favorite gals around the world has helped brighten up these last two weeks and for that I am very grateful. So, I guess on this ‘Thankful Thursday’ I’m most thankful for Rain & Blogs…..All I need to add is a cup of tea, a snuggly pup, and my house shoes and I think I just might kick these blues after all.

Via One Sydney Road. Via Bator Horvath’s Photostream.
Via oh, hello friend: you are loved.  Via fleurbn.
Via What I Wore.
Via One Sydney Road. Via Imkemper’s Photostream.
Via {inspired by this}. Photographer: Flory Photo.
Via oh, hello friend: you are loved.

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