Tasty Tuesday: It’s Chexy Time

I may or may not be toying with the idea of daily themes. I’m thinkin’ Tuesdays will be be recipe days…..but don’t hold me to it! I may not be as consistent as I plan right now…but I’ll try.

For the first Tasty Tuesday, I’ve got a little gem of a recipe I’ve been meaning to share with you for quite some time. For a friend’s recent birthday, I asked her what her favorite treats were so I could whip her up some birthday nosh. She surprised me when she said her favorite munchies were Goldfish and Chex Mix.

I was momentarily stumped, as I had expected to bake either cookies or cupcakes, but soon gathered my wits and decided to try to combine the two classic treats into one dish. I didn’t have to go far, thanks to the Food Network, I ended up with this recipe as a starting point for her tasty treats.

I pretty much did exactly what the recipe said, however, the spouse came up with a terrific idea to kick it up a notch. He suggested that I season the mix with a special BBQ rub called the Dizzy Pig. The result? Best Darn Check Mix I’ve EVER Had!

This easy recipe takes very little time and produces a yummy, salty snack that’s perfect for summer road trips, camping, hiking, or with a couple of cold beers on your back deck. Enjoy!


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