Borrow A Kid – And Go to Build-A-Bear

Happy Monday! I hope you all had wonderful weekend!!

I’ve been meaning to share this story with you for awhile but time has just been flying by too fast! In April, I had a wonderful “Borrow-A-Kid” day with one of my favorite little gals; we spent a Saturday morning together at Build-A-Bear in Centerra, CO. The little fashionista and I took a trip to the famous mecca of stuffed animal magic to create a fuzzy friend for her to keep as her 3rd birthday present from the spouse and I.

Upon arriving at B-A-B, we perused the baskets of flattened animals, admiring bears in a variety of species, bunnies with floppy ears, and birds of every threaded feather. Settling on a white, speckled owl, we made our way to the stuffing zone and watched as his flat body was plumped up to a huggable, snuggable level of softness. Naturally, we had to give him a heart, so one was carefully selected and delicately placed inside the bird before he was sewn up.

Post-surgery, we bathed him in a pool of air and brushed his soft fur, preparing him for his eventual outfit.

When it came to clothes, all I could say was, “Wow!” Literally hundreds of outfits were available – complete with shoes, hats, handbags, and other accessories I had no idea a stuffed owl would need. We sifted through all the options and eventually found inspiration in a fishing hat and pair of flip-flops. Driven by our summery selections, we opted for a pair of camo shorts and matching tee. I’m not gonna lie, that owl looked sharp. We gave him a second bath…just cause it’s so much fun…and then went on to the birth certificate area.

We selected his name, Willy, and printed off his birth certificate to solidify his new-found existence. We then had a post-creation cup of milk and stick of gum at Starbucks to celebrate Willy’s birth. It was perfect morning and I had an absolute blast with my three-year-old pal. I think she had a pretty good time too….

I can’t wait for my next Borrow-A-Kid activity…which will likely involve my sister’s son who will be joining the world here in just a couple of weeks!


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