I’m Back!!!

Hello, readers!

The last week has been a whirlwind of activity and I apologize for my absence from the blog world. Last Friday at around 8am, we kicked off one heck of week by setting up the spouse’s BBQ competition booth in Loveland, CO. My dedicated spouse spent the entire weekend living and cooking in his booth despite the chilly temps and horrendous wind. But I did not. As soon as set up was done on Friday morning, I gave my hubby a smooch and drove to Cheyenne, WY to help set up the WY Art for the Cure.

The 2011 WY Art for the Cure started at 6pm last Friday night and was an amazing success. The committee members, emcee, musicians, artists, volunteers, sponsors, and patrons created a celebration of art and life for the history books while raising a lot of money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It was a truly wonderful night and I’m so proud and honored to be a part of the group that made it happen.

Early in the next morning, after WAFC, I headed back to the BBQ Competition and spent my Saturday supporting my spouse’s gastronomic dreams of pork dominance. Nabbing a 2nd place prize for his brisket and a 9th place finish over all, he surprised us all once again with his culinary skills and smokin’ technique. After celebrating his victory over smoke and charcoal, I hit the sack early to prepare for an 8am Sunday morning flight to Vancouver, BC.

Arriving in Vancouver, I was immediately stunned by its beauty; with white-peaked mountains resting behind a perfectly blue harbor, I quickly fell in love with the scenic backdrop of this ridiculously fun city. The days of my trip were spent on a tradeshow floor, slinging reporting tools to risk managers, but the evenings were spent at countless parties, great restaurants, and one bar in particular, the Roxy.  The Roxy….what a place. I had a little too much fun (all three nights I was there) dancing, drinking, and giggling with the hilarious group of people I got to spend my time with (good folks…loads of fun).

But despite all that fun, I couldn’t be any more thrilled to be back in the US today. After four days spent away and the busy weekend we had before I left, I’m looking forward to getting home and snuggling with my spouse and pups. Must See TV Thursday night is calling my name and I’ll be crashing in my own bed very early tonight to rest up for the weekend ahead.

Hope you all had an exciting week and I promise I won’t be so absent from the blogosphere in the coming weeks. Happy Thursday!


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