Pay It Forward

Last week, my friend Valerie called me up when I was having a somewhat stressful day. She told me a story about a very busy day she had recently and how overwhelmed she was feeling. She went on to say that on this hectic day she had decided to take a couple of minutes to catch up on blog reading. After reading my post on being busy, she followed the advice of taking time for herself and spent awhile recharging. She told me she instantly felt better and tackled her day in a more energetic and inspired way. She then thanked me for the words that had motivated her to take a breather and told me about how important she thinks it is to let people know when they’ve really helped you out, even if it’s in a small way.

The conversation ended with us discussing how to spread happiness to other people through small gestures and I hung up the phone with a giant smile plastered across my face. After a few minutes, it occurred to me that her personal outreach and thoughtful thank you had changed my whole outlook on an otherwise not-so-great day. I was instantly inspired to try to cheer up someone else and  left a happy, upbeat message on a friend’s voice mail hoping she’d smile when she heard it.

Although it was a week ago, I thought about that phone call with Valerie  today and how her kind words inspired me to share kind words with someone else. I just couldn’t resist sharing the story with you.

It doesn’t take much to do a simple gesture or send a message of cheer to a friend, family member, or acquaintance. And that simple gesture may motivate them to do the same for someone else – creating a chain reaction of kindness. So, go ahead….give someone a compliment, offer to help a friend who’s having a tough day, or send flowers to your grandma. You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel and you never know how many people you might touch with your gesture.

With this thought in mind, I just want all you readers to know:

via {re}cycled consign and design

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