Um, Let’s Call It, “Week AWESOME!”

This week is crazy!!

BUT….I’m so excited that it’s here! It’s WY Art for the Cure (WAFC) week! YAY! For anyone who hasn’t been following what WAFC Committee is up to, it’s going to be a very exciting event. We have LOADS of amazing artwork, a BRAND-NEW automated auction system, AND wonderful, amazing people who are all dedicated to finding a Cure! Hooray!! The wonderful women and men who make up our committee, including our incredible chairwomen, have really cooked up an event you’ll all enjoy! I hope you can make it!

via Valerie Pedersen.

Speaking of cookin’ things up…why else is this week awesome? Well, it’s also the spouse’s first BBQ competition of 2011! AH! The Kilted Pig is at it again, smokin’ up pulled pork, brisket, chicken, and ribs for a panel of judges that’ll hopefully give the spouse’s technique higher marks than his charcoal-lovin’, wood-firin’ buddies! My hubby has been preparing his smoker, stocking up on supplies, shopping for that perfect rack of ribs, and also helping me spray paint centerpieces for WAFC (he’s a gem). It’s a big weekend in the McBride house and we can’t wait until Friday morning when it gets here!

via freckle photography.

This week is already off to a crazy start – as evidenced by my first post being at 10pm on Monday night. Oops! I know this week will fly by and before I know it, it’ll be Sunday morning and I’ll be jet-setting for Canada (Oh, Canada!). What!? I know, after this action-packed weekend, I’m taking off for a work trip for five days in Vancouver. I’m lookin’ forward to the fun, but hoping I’ll get a little downtime while I’m there!

Hope you all had a great Monday and have an incredibly exciting week ahead!


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