I’m Strong to the Finich. ‘Cause I Eats Me Spinach…

So, you may have sensed from a couple of previous posts about being busy or having nothing to say that I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed the past week or so. It’s a tough thing for me to admit, but it’s the truth. So, last night, after a week of blog silence, I dove into my Google Reader to catch up on my favorite blogs with the hope that’d I’d emerge from the necessary downtime a revived and relaxed person. What I got was SO MUCH MORE….

After reading through a few dozen posts by various bloggers (most of which are included on the Awesome Blogs list on the right of your screen), I felt a sense of inspiration that I had definitely been lacking for the previous seven days. I logged off my computer inspired to work out and to try a new breakfast smoothie the following morning. After a good session of yoga in my living room, I went to the grocery store to buy all of the necessary ingredients for a Green Monster.

Via Oh She Glows

After a surprisingly good night’s sleep (thanks yoga!) and despite accidentally setting my alarm for 4am, then accidentally over-correcting the time to an hour-late 6am, I rolled out bed excited to try my new blended breakfast. Rushed (due the tardy wake-up call), I wasn’t sure I’d have time to make the spinach concoction, but I was determined to try it out!

To my surprise, blending up this easy recipe took less than 2 minutes and I was rewarded with a flavorful and filling morning milkshake that not only packed a lot of nutrients but moved through me like spinach through Popeye. I swear, as I polished off this delicious smoothie, I could feel the energy rushing through my arms and legs, exploding in a feeling of strength that I can only liken to the animated sailor with his trusty can of greens (likely due to the amount of spinach in the Green Monster).

Via Oh She Glows

I drove to work more awake and excited about the day ahead than I have felt in quite some time. I arrived and started banging out projects, checking off my “To Do” list, and took a minute to email Angela over at Oh She Glows to thank her for her cup o’ magic.

I am so enamored with this new-to-me treat that I just couldn’t help but share it all with you today! I hope you take a minute to check out the Oh She Glows Green Movement and try out any one of the many versions of this recipe (I went with the standard Virgin Green Monster).

It’s wonderful fuel for a busy gal who needs to pack a punch like Popeye’s against a busy day (or life) of activity.


4 thoughts on “I’m Strong to the Finich. ‘Cause I Eats Me Spinach…

    • Haha! Honestly, it was delicious! I have recently sworn off cow’s milk so I used an almond milk. The milk and banana is really all I tasted! Of course, my spouse stood there eyeing it for a doubtful few moments before refusing to try my new ‘hippie food.’ ;) So, as of now, I don’t have any other taste feedback but I like it.

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