Oh, Brother! (It’s Your Birthday)

Today is a very special day…my bigger-than-me, little brother turns 28! When asked about what he’ll do to celebrate his 28th year, he said, “I think I might give myself a mohawk.”

Without waiting for my prompt, he continued, “Because when someone says, ‘What did you do on your 28th birthday?’ I’ll look back on this day and I don’t want to say, ‘I don’t remember,’ because I did the usual night out. I’d rather say, ‘You know, that was the year I gave myself a mohawk.” Wordiness and random run in the family….

This ode to my brother is the first of many features I plan to do about truly fascinating people that we are surrounded by in our everyday lives. I don’t know what to call it yet, but I’m working on that; something along the lines of ‘personal heroes.’ For today, I’ll just shout, “Happy Birthday!” and present to you the awesome that is Log.

Logan was the guy voted “most likely to be a fraternity president” in high school. Not to disappoint, Log finished up his Marketing degree at UW as President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Today, Logan is an Advertising Sales Representative for a broadcasting company in WY. He is also “Brawny,” one of their infamous DJ’s (and not the record-spinning, wickity-wickity-wickity kind, but the joke-telling, smooth-talking, Bob and Tom/Howard Stern kind) on the Brawny & Ish afternoon show. It’s an interesting show…not for delicate ears or faint of heart.

Its a little blurry…but it’s an action shot!

Aside from his double life of salesman and radio-land jockey, Log is also Volunteer Firefighter. He’s working on his certification now, dedicating his few free evening hours to learning all there is to know about fire safety and exstinguishing. In addition, he has volunteered to be the emcee for the upcoming Wyoming Art for the Cure (and not just cause his big sis said so).

Hold the smartphone!…Did you read that right? You read that he is in Sales,  he’s a DJ , he’s a volunteer firefighter AND he volunteers to help fight breast cancer? Yup. That’s what I’m sayin’, ladies. He balances the workload above and also cares about your….uhm….health.

On top of making the world safer, one fire or breast at a time, Log is a devoted friend and an amazing little brother. Log is definitely the only reason I actually attempted List Item 10 (skydiving) and he’s there to lend a helping hand on everything – working for free at a BBQ Competition in the blazing heat of summer, babysitting your misbehaved pug, attending a Broadway musical he has no interest in seeing. He never misses a visit to the grandparents, enjoys a Bud Light with his buddies now and then, is a movie buff, a gym buff, and an all-around good guy.

So, not only because it’s his birthday but because of all the amazing things he does every single day, I’ve chosen my brother as my first personal hero in the “To Eventually Be Named” feature on wonderfully amazing individuals.

Yes, my shirt does have Log’s face on it.
It says, “I’m Logan Connolly’s Sister!”

Love you, broseph! Hope you have the best birthday! A big thanks to Mags & Kate for letting me use the images above!

To stream the Brawny & Ish show on 93.7 KAZY from 4-6pm MST, click here.


5 thoughts on “Oh, Brother! (It’s Your Birthday)

  1. i love it! logan is the best brother anyone could ask for:) we’re some lucky gals to have him:) and boy oh boy i can’t wait for him to be the worlds best uncle:)

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