To Do: Canvas & Cocktails

This past weekend one of my closest friends, Lisa, celebrated her 30th birthday. To kick off the next decade of her life, she organized a very unique and very fun celebration – a girls trip to Canvas & Cocktails.

With two locations in Denver (and apparently others scattered around the US), Canvas & Cocktails transforms the art classroom from painting instruction and artistic exploration to your favorite hangout with mimosas, wine, girly rock, chatty gals, and even a small clothing and accessory boutique.

The girls (remember them from here or here?) and I arrived mid-morning on Saturday for our first experience of this creative study of paint and wine. We grabbed aprons and mimosas and made our way to our stations which each included a canvas, easel, paintbrushes, water cup, and of course, paint.

The instructor stood at the front of the room, elevated slightly so we could see her clearly, and she explained the different paintbrushes and layed out the rules (which I didn’t listen to but I’m pretty sure was something like, 1. Have Fun 2. Have Fun). She then dove into the first step of the tulip painting we were all to create.

As her brush hit the canvas with yellow strokes of confidence, I hesitated. Others around me started mimicking her movements in expert fashion but I just sat there. Staring at my perfectly white canvas knowing that any second I was going to ruin it, I was nervous. I looked at my friend Jesse….she too was staring a blank white sheet.

Just then, the instructor said, “For all my Type-A’s out there, remember, this doesn’t have to be perfect.” Huh. How did she know? Jess and I shared a glance and then both dove into our art, creating little yellow petals of eventual tulips.

My Painting!

The rest of the class was a blast. We took a break halfway through to shop the boutique and refill our wine glasses. We chatted, giggled, and complimented each other on our mad painting skillz…who knew we ALL were such expert painters! Such a talented group. :)

We finished off the afternoon with lunch and shopping. I have to say it was a perfect day! A big thanks to my dear friend, Lisa, for turning 30 and for having such a creative birthday party. And a big thanks to all the other gals who agreed to participate in such a wonderful event!

For more information on Canvas & Cocktails, check them out here! Do it! You’ll love it!

P.S. Sorry for the poor images…my camera recently broke and while I research a new one, I’m using an iPhone.


7 thoughts on “To Do: Canvas & Cocktails

  1. Definitely worth checking out, looks like so much fun!!!!
    Not to be prejudice, but Stacey, I thought your tulips were sensational!!!

  2. I saw this place a couple weekends ago when Dash and I were wandering around Cherry Creek. I was hoping it was a place he could paint and I could, um hydrate, but when I looked a little closer I realized it was just for “grownies” (as we call grown ups in our house). Appreciate the review and will have to check it out.
    Oh and P.S. I think your tulips were perfection :-)

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