Dreaming of…..


You’re all, huh? I know, seems oddly out-of-place for this blog but I very much enjoy the sport and started craving a trip to the links over the weekend.

I wasn’t a golfer until about two years ago. My spouse decided he needed a practice net and, simultaneously, I decided that I was interested in the famously irksome past-time. So, I got my own set of clubs and started practicing in our garage, hitting ball after ball against our new net. I like to tell people we have an indoor practice facility; it sounds fancier than a golf net propped up in a messy garage, crowded by BBQ supplies and home improvement projects and tools.

Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve clumsily played through various courses chipping, putting, and cursing my way to scores so high, I’d rather not share them with you. But this year, I am determined to improve! My wonderful spouse bought me lessons for my birthday last December and I am ready to get started! I have big plans to bust out our net this week, start swinging, and maybe even make it as far as a driving range by Saturday morning.

So, why was I thinking of golf this weekend?

Well, besides gorgeous weather on Saturday and watching Phil win on Sunday (My fav. golfer. :) Not to say I know anything about pro golf; I was informed on Sunday that the Masters is this week and weekend…had no idea), the real driver (pun intended) of my golf lusting is a post I saw on Ebb & Flow last week. I’ve been staring dreamily at the images below – envisioning myself crushing the ball down these breathtaking fairways and effortlessly putting across perfect greens while soaking up the sunshine.

Via Ebb & Flow. Orginally posted on Faucethead Creative.

Don’t they look amazing? For a dose of your own eighteen-hole drool-fest, check out the full post with details of each course over at Faucethead Creative, Inc. Enjoy your Monday, enjoy the week, and enjoy the Masters!


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