Here’s to April!

Happy Friday & Happy April!

You know the saying: April Showers….

Oh, Sweet Rainvia ilovedoodle

Bring July Babies!!! Wait, what?

I have been waiting for April to get here for weeks…no…months!!! April is going to be action-packed but the most exciting part is a visit from my sista! She is expecting her first child this summer and, together with a close friend and our youngest sister, I’m throwing her an April Baby Shower! I am SO excited for her arrival!! And for her little one’s arrival later this year.

We have a pretty special friendship; we literally talk every single day about everything imaginable. Like yesterday via text:

  • Me: So, you know how I dyed my hair blonde? Well, I started wearing black eye-liner and painted my nails hot pink this week. Today I scrunched my hair. WHO AM I?
  • Sista: $tacey? Is that you?
  • Me: OH MY GOD!! I didn’t even think of her! I just need some freakin’ glitter and I am Ke$ha! …You know….if she wore cardigans and worked a desk job.
  • Sista: Hahahahaha. It sounds like you’re working on a fun, funky style!
  • Me: Or a train wreck of office clothes and 80’s style advice?
  • Sista: Better than a train wreck of dark roots, maternity clothes, and spandex.

These are the things we discuss.

Oh yes, that reminds me. I’m officially changing my name to $tacey….

……April Fool’s! BAH! He he he. Didn’t see that comin’, huh?

Anyway, little convo’s like the one above take place between my sista and I on a daily basis. I absolutely cannot wait for her to get here so I can have a silly chat with her in person!

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, Wyoming Art for the Cure is on April 29th AND we have our first BBQ Competition of the season this month! Bring on April!

For today’s Friday toast, let’s try this one more time:

“Sweet April Showers do spring May Flowers” – Thomas Tusser

Enjoy your weekend.



3 thoughts on “Here’s to April!

  1. YAY!!! i cannot believe i missed this all day!!! i was gone day at meetings!

    I love you!!! I miss you!!!! i CANT wait to see you!!!!!


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