Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

Doesn’t it feel like Friday? I don’t know if its cause it’s the end of the month or the end of the first quarter (Hello….how FAST is 2011 flying by?!) but today feels like it should also be the end of the week! I’m completely ready for this weekend but with two days left in the week, I guess I better try to refocus. :)

With the challenge ending yesterday and Q1 ending today, I’ve been thinking back on what 2011 has brought so far and it has been an EXCITING year! Not only did I see Ke$ha (highlight of, like, my life) but saw Roger Clyne in concert too. My dear friends welcomed two of the most precious little babies into the world as my spouse and I welcomed our new pup, Simcoe. All adorable! And I got a new-to-me car, hosted a beer tasting, redesigned this blog, squeezed in a couple of races, and managed to visit a brewery or two. (It’s a tough life…but someboy’s gotta do it, right??) I joke. Really, I thank my lucky, twinkling stars for all this fun every day!

Thinking of all that fun, I realized that I never told you about one of the breweries we visited. A few weeks ago, my spouse and I took ourselves down to Loveland, CO and spent an afternoon in the Tap Room at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse.

Grimm Brothers was started by avid home brewers and is “devoted to the art and science of beer and brewing.” Serving all German-style beers, the tap room is open all year and offers four standard beers as well as several seasonal brews.

Cleverly named after the classic fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, they offer brews such as Little Red Cap, which is an altibier, Snow Drop, a honey wheat ale, and my favorite, The Fearless Youth, which is a dunkel. Yummm…dunkel :)

As with pretty much every brewery I visit, I very much enjoyed Grimm Brothers and am looking forward to returning. They were friendly, poured great beers, and I just couldn’t get enough of their fun theme.


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