Once again the weekend came and went and I slacked on my 30 Day Challenge. Yesterday’s challenge was to post a picture of something that means a lot to you and today’s is to post a picture of you and a family member. Thankfully, family means a lot to me (as they surely do to everyone else) and so I’m crossing off two days with one post. Sorry, I’m kinda cheating.

Well, I am just about the luckiest gal on the planet. Raised out west in a family with four kids (me being the oldest), my two sisters and brother are my some of my very best friends. I was also lucky enough to grow up as one of thirteen cousins and even though they all live on the east coast, they somehow feel a little more like siblings.

On New Year’s Eve, I received a text from my oldest cousin. Like I’ve mentioned above, we have always been close – my whole life is scattered with memories of looking up to him, summertime adventures on the Jersey Shore or at Cheyenne Frontier Days, and always, always, always giggling over something ridiculous. We were pen pals as kids, co-cross-country adventurers and drinkin’ buddies in college (we’d drive back and forth between WY and NJ for ski trips and holidays) and are still good friends today.

His text on NYE was the standard, “Happy New Year,” but included the adorable pic from our youth, below. Of course, it made my night! I have no idea how old we are in the picture but I think you can tell we’ve been friends for a long, long time. Thanks, Cousin!!


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