Here’s to Spring Pink!

Happy Friday!

And Happy Spring (5 days ago)! The last few days have already felt warmer and I can just feel Summer’s presence around the corner – which is my absolute favorite season. Not that I’ll overlook this fun time of the year, oh no! Spring is packed with so many amazing activities, sunny days, hints of sun dresses under layers of light sweaters and tights…its a wonderful time of year!

But my favorite thing about Springtime (at least for the past 5 years) is Wyoming Art for the Cure! I’m going to tell you all about it, but real quick – today’s challenge is to post a picture of your day. Well, today of all days, is not too exciting to look at. Picture this: hair piled on the top of head, bangs pinned back, UW sweatshirt, yoga pants, and Uggs. Not a pretty picture.

However, the very first thing I needed to do this morning (besides post this blog) is a bit of work for Wyoming Art for the Cure (WAFC). And just this week, I received the images of our first-ever WAFC photo shoot and that day, with all its pops of spring-y pink, is a day I’d LOVE to share with you……

WAFC is a live & silent art auction that benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure. All of our artwork is donated by regional and national artists and comes in every media you can imagine. Here’s a couple of our lovely artists (and committee members):

This fantastic event is made possible by our sponsors, volunteers, and patrons of the Southeast Wyoming and Northern Colorado communities. We couldn’t do it with you!

Each year, we select an honoree and our 2011 honorees have a very special message. Please click here to read all about this mother/daughter survivor team – all thanks to genetic testing.

Genetic testing can and has saved many, many lives and we’re excited to spread their message and story. More famously, Christina Applegate had a double mastectomy immediately after finding out she had breast cancer due to her own genetic history. She also inspired today’s Friday quote:

“I never have to wear a bra!…The ‘gals’ look good in tank tops, and they didn’t before!” ~ Christina Applegate

Oh, wait….that wasn’t the one…Springtime attire on the brain!

“What are you waiting for – to get the things that you want and the things you dream of?” ~ Christina Applegate

Take this spring day to go out and do something you’ve been dreaming of or help someone else with their dream – which might be just surviving! One in eight women will be effected by breast cancer, when that woman is YOUR sister, mother, daughter, wife, or friend, don’t you want to know you’ve done everything possible to help her? And look at all the fun you can have while doing it!

Help today by making a donation to WAFC. The event will be on Friday, April 29th at 6pm at Little America Hotel. Tickets are on sale now for $40 here.

P.S. Use promo code SMCBRIDE to let them know you heard about it here!

All images were taken by and donated to WAFC by Valerie Pedersen of Valerie Pedersen Photography.



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