Oprah Knows Best

For today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge, we’re supposed to post a picture of something you wish you could forget. I have such a long list of embarrassing stories and situations I wish I could go back and redo but, since I’d like to forget them, I don’t have pictures. (Thank goodness.)

That being said, there is one thing I’d like to forget and that was around two years ago when I got into a car accident. I was coming home from a conference in Dallas and I was talking on my phone with my father to let him know I’d landed and made it home safe.

Well, just as I was about to end the call with him, the person in front of me stopped short. I swerved in an effort to not rear-end them at 75mph and slid into the other lane almost hitting another car. I swerved back to avoid crashing into the other vehicle and over-corrected – completely losing control. My car made a sharp turn to head off the road and I slammed into the guard rail. My poor father heard me scream as my phone flew from my hands and ended our call. (He would also like to forget this day.)

The scariest part of the entire incident was that I had felt an overwhelming sense of doom earlier in the day when I was boarding my plane. I had thought it was just nerves about the flight and pushed the anxiety away, but as I lost control of my car and sped rapidly off the road, I thought to myself, “This is what I felt earlier. I’m going to die right now and I knew this would happen.”

As evidenced by my typing this story today, I obviously didn’t die. Thankfully, I was completely fine. My car was pretty beat up and had to have quite a bit of repairs but shockingly no other cars were involved and I wasn’t injured.

However, the paralyzing fear of what I thought was impending death was easily one of the most terrifying moments of my life. Although, I’ve felt more empowered to do more, be more, and live as fully as possible thanks to that day, I certainly would like to erase that feeling from memory.

Since we should learn from our mistakes in order to grow and become more productive, this story does have a lesson that I’ve taken to heart: Do not talk on the phone while driving…turns out Oprah has a pretty good idea there.


2 thoughts on “Oprah Knows Best

  1. ohmygosh girl! How crazy! I’m so glad you made it out okay though! car accidents are super scary and obviously can happen without warning! Oprah def has a good idea of not talking (or texting) while driving! Thanks for this post hun! you’re wonderful!

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