Here’s to Acceptance!

Happy Friday!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the weekend. I’m definitely looking forward to it…we’re going on a trolley tour of my hometown to celebrate a good friend’s birthday. Sounds all sweet and innocent right? Best part: the tour is of dive bars. Oh, it’ll be rich!

In the meantime, today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge is to post a picture of your biggest insecurity. While I have many, one of the things I’m especially anxious and awkward about is my nervous laugh.

I have this tendency to giggle at the most inappropriate times….meetings, church, stories about getting injured, fired, and the very worst….I actually nervously burst out a giggle during a story about how someone passed away once. It was the most awful experience for everyone involved. I’m pretty sure the person who was telling me the story doesn’t read my blog (i.e. avoids me like the plague) but if you do, I’m sorry…again.

This and a myriad of other nagging issues sometimes let me get down on myself, but I try to remember to accept who I am for what I am, and I encourage you all to do the same. Embrace your flaws and move on. Use your energy to focus on all the good things you bring to the world. I like to think that when I laugh (in acceptable situations) it often makes other people laugh or smile too.

So, the Friday toast is actually more of a lesson:

(Photo via That Kind of Woman. Originally Posted by lightbones)



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