Who Inspires You?

(Photo via That Kind of Woman via Bearnaked)

Today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge asks us to post a picture of the person who inspires you. I considered many people who have mentored, guided, protected, and helped me along the way, but it came down to two ladies that I am in constant awe of: Jesse & Kate.


(Photos via freckle photography)

My dear friend is the epitome of the WAHM (Work-At-Home-Mom). Raising two children with her spouse, she is a full-time mom who not only is a Marketing Manager for two firms but is a very successful family Photographer as well. She chairs an incredible event, Wyoming Art for the Cure, and manages to balance all of this with a smile. Her seemingly limitless levels of creativity, zest for trying new things, and impossible accomplishment of literally every task she sets out to do inspires me daily to try harder to be a well-rounded person, be kind, and enjoy life.


My wonderful sista. Expecting her first son this summer, Kate is also a marvel of a modern woman. As a Natural & Organics Foods Broker by day and Financial Advisory student by night, she somehow never seems to tire. Committed to healthy living, she embraces running and yoga along with a natural, eco-friendly diet and lifestyle. Grounded in her beliefs, she is a strong and independent woman who always puts family first. And her charm, flair for fashion, and ability to make any situation fun naturally attracts people to her. She inspires me to always put my best face forward, make fun a priority, and of course, eat my veggies. Follow @kate_lindsey on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Who Inspires You?

  1. You are too nice my friend! All of this from the lady who drives 100 miles to and from work each day, always finds time to blog, exercise, volunteer, and still spend time with friends and family!! I am quite honored to think I could inspire anyone!

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