Sharin’ O’ the Green

Run #2 of 2011 is complete! This past Saturday, I competed in the Sharin’ O’ the Green in downtown Fort Collins, which is a 5k race benefiting Partners Mentoring Youth.

I have to admit, the day started off with me feeling super-awkward. Upon my arrival, I discovered that the race started at 8:30am instead of 8am. So….I was early? I’ve definitely got a handle on being late but I don’t really know how to be early. Insta-weirdness crept all over me. Additionally, I had joined the FC Jr. League in 2010, so I signed up to be on the Jr. League race team thinking I’d know most of the gals participating. I quickly realized that I didn’t know anyone….

I wandered over to the area where a couple of faces I recognized had congregated and stood sheepishly off to the side concentrating ever-so-much on my pre-race stretching. Thankfully, I was eventually rescued by one of the members who took me around and intro’d me to the group. It was strange to have such an overwhelming sense of shyness…honestly, that hasn’t happened to me in a while. And at a race of all places! I usually feel so comfortable and confident at races but I was definitely playing the role of lost, wall-flower this Saturday.  Very strange.

Anyway, happy to finally feel like I could converse with other humans, we all made our way to the race start. Unfortunately, we were delayed for an additional 15 minutes before we could actually GO! All this waiting around had made me anxious and stressed out as I had friends gathering at my house – preparing for our St. Patty’s parade excursion later that day. So, I looked at my watch, mercilessly ticking away, and thought….I better run fast.

Mid & Post-Race

I finished the race in 24:48…a pretty good time but not a PR. My splits are below:

  • Mile 1 – 7:55
  • Mile 2 – 8:03
  • Mile 3 (and .1) – 8:47

I definitely plan on participating in next year’s race and hope that by then I won’t be all early and shy…I’m much better at being late and outgoing.

Post-post-race with two of my fav. gals!

Speaking of running, today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge is to post a pic of something you want to do before you die. I’m a lucky girl (must be the Irish in me) and I got to do a whole slew of things I wanted to do last year…..including running a marathon. But now that I’ve got that crossed off my list, my next “To Do” item has to be running in either (or both) the NYC or Boston Marathons.

What’s the one thing you really want to accomplish in this lifetime?


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