Brewery Tour: The Funk

The spouse and I recently visited the FC’s newest brewery, Funkwerks. Funkwerks is a small, all-saison brewery the just moved into the FC in late 2010 (I think). We enjoyed our afternoon beer tasting…as always….even though I’m not much of a saison fan. Out of their five-beer sampler, I really enjoyed two of them. The other three were….well…if you like saison’s than I’m sure you’d like them!

What is a Saison? I’m glad you asked! A saison is essentially a beer brewed in a small brewery with farmhouse status or heritage and an artisanal quality. This quality is enhanced by the presence of spicing components other than hops – though hops are definitely a part of the style. Color and alcohol content are not factors. (Source)

If you’re around the FC anytime, I’d recommend stopping by. Be ready for pricey samplers and growlers (we didn’t end up getting a growler) but it’s definitely worth a taste.

Speaking of funked….today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge is to post a picture of the person you’ve done the most…um…funked up things with. From eye-patches at the dive bars to nights in Vegas, from countless concerts and brewery tours to crazy camping trips, I’d have to say that the ladies I’ve definitely had the most fun and funky time with are the ones below. (I couldn’t find one pcture with ALL of us, ladies! Let’s get that figured out!)


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