What makes you laugh?

Today’s challenge for the 30 Day Blog Challenge is to post a picture that makes you laugh. I got all anxious about this post because what is hilarious to one is quite often not so funny to another. I’d have to say, overall, I guess I have an odd sense of humor? I have a fairly dry sense of humor most of the time, didn’t think I was too twisted until I got hooked on Tosh.O, and I always get a giggle out of silly, slap-stick commercials. (Oh, Geico…what will you think up next?)

I recently lost my mind in hysterics over a greeting card with a picture of a pig wearing cow-slippers entitled, “Moo-shoe Pork.” He he he…still makes me laugh. And I can’t remember what it was that made me laugh until I cried last….not because its been so long but because it happens so frequently that I lose track of the incidents. There is something quite euphoric about laughing until tears well up in your eyes and stream down your cheeks….it can become addicting.

So, when I thought of the picture I was going to post, I knew right away that most people wouldn’t find it funny at all. I, however, found this picture and headline in high school and have literally been carrying it around with me ever since (we’re talking 9th or 10th grade people…this newspaper clipping is like 16-17 years old). It made me laugh hysterically the day I saw it, has popped up in my photo albums at just the right times over the years to make me snicker, and this morning as I took a picture of my picture I could help but giggle again.

Ah, that turkey…its little beaked-face just says it all.


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