Barley & Me

I’m embarrassed to admit that today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge stumped me. We are supposed to post a picture of our most treasured item. I thought and thought…..and thought some more…..and could’t come up with anything! So, I looked at my spouse and said, “What do you think my most treasured item is?” And he immediately responded with, “Uh, Barley!”


Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider Barley an item; he’s a full member of our family. (I don’t know why my mom won’t accept him as her grandson.) But when I think of my most treasured anything, I can’t believe I overlooked my little butterball of a pug! I feel like a terrible dog-mom. Ashamed of myself, I decided to post three pictures of him, to show him three times the love.

Me & My Puggie

Post Lake Swim (that he was thrown into…he wasn’t too happy)

My Pug Plant :)


5 thoughts on “Barley & Me

  1. There are two things that made this post totally excellent..

    1. You said d’oh.
    2. Barley’s snarl from the lake picture

    I loved this!

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