Here’s to the Front Range

Happy Friday!

The weekend ahead is packed with fun activities all along I-25 between Cheyenne and Fort Collins! My favorite group of philanthropic women will be getting together for a photo shoot to advertise for our upcoming Wyoming Art for the Cure. By the way, save the date: April 29th at Little America 6-9pm!!

We’re also celebrating a dear friend’s newest family member (he’s not here yet but will be in a few short weeks) with a Baby “Sprinkle” at one of my favorite brunch locations up in Cheyenne. Additionally, my spouse and I are attending our first-ever coursed dinner/beer tasting with some very fun friends here in Fort Collins. Getting to spend the weekend traveling between my hometown and my current city is just one of the many reason I love the Front Range, especially when you’re looking at view like this along the way….

On top of all that, the wonderful city of Fort Collins has kicked off their Great Plates celebration which promotes locally owned restaurants with special deals and celebrates the very cute, very fun downtown FC. Today’s 30 Day Blog Challenge asks us to post a picture of our  night. With such a busy weekend ahead, I’m guessing we’ll just grab a bite at a Great Plates locale then head home for a couple of flicks. So, I guess a pic of my night will be:

Some of this:

Down here:

Followed by this:

Inspired by the Front Range plains, sky and all things that make up the west that I live in, this week’s toast comes from Wyoming’s most famous late resident:

“But if they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain mornin’/ Watched those cotton candy clouds roll by / They’d know why I live beneath these Western Skies” ~ Chris Ledoux



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