Recent Reads & a Little TV

February wasn’t, as a friend of mine recently put it, “intellectually challenging” when it came to books. Two books that have been on my reading radar for quite a while that I finally picked up are Eat, Pray, Love and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.

Eat, Pray, Love – By Elizabeth Gilbert

Although I am recommending that you read this book, I have reservations about it. I definitely enjoyed her writing style, humor, and the concept. I’m just not sure I’m completely sold on the main character, Liz. At the beginning, she tells you all about how she ended up in her current situation, which is vital to the story, but she doesn’t seem like the kind of person I’d like. I suppose that’s the whole point since she doesn’t like herself either – hence the journey for balance and change.

I did find myself liking her more in the middle, and a little more towards the end, but then suddenly less at the very end. It was strange; I’ve never wanted to like a character so much but just couldn’t. That being said, the point wasn’t about getting other people to like her. It was about going on a journey to find God, feel at peace with the world, and to find balance to allow her to like herself…and that is an excellent message which, overall, I did enjoy.

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang – By Chelsea Handler

I freakin’ love Chelsea Handler. I think she is absolutely hilarious and I have thoroughly enjoyed her books. This one wasn’t my favorite of hers, but still a good read for anyone looking for a light-hearted, fun book. I’m not sure if I like her more because she invited her driver, a hard-working father of two who lives in the Bronx, on her family vacation. Or if I like her because she calls her driver Chocolate Chunk and spent the entire vacation trying to hook him up with vivacious, vacationing women. All to familiar with her day spent in bed crying over Sex and the City and her obsession with running, I giggled my way through this collection of tales and recommend it to anyone who needs a good laugh.

And now, day three of the 30-Day Blog Challenge is to post a picture of the cast of your favorite show. Hmmmm……

I’m  not gonna lie, Pat & Gina Neely almost won this selection – don’t tell me you don’t love their sugar, sweet thang. And I’ll always love SATC and Friends…what girl doesn’t? But, my favorite, current show that I could watch over and over at any time of day or night is a three-way tie between 30 Rock, TrueBlood, and Weeds. I won’t spend any time trying to talk you into liking them…either you do or you don’t. But they are my fave’s and day three of the challenge is complete!


4 thoughts on “Recent Reads & a Little TV

  1. I agree with your post- I LOVED Eat Pray Love in the beginning and then had a more difficult time with her at the end of the book. Although I enjoyed the movie too..I still think the book was better. Thanks for posting about the 30 day challenge :) it’s so great to learn new things about my new blog friends! xo have a fabulous thursday!

  2. I was on the fence with Eat Pray Love for the exact same reason! Just not a very likeable character, but you’re right, it’s about her journey. But I’m with you on Chelea! She’s a crack up!

  3. I read Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang too and was a huge fan of Are you there God it’s me Chelsea but really disliked the other one. It just didn’t have the same fun crazy style that is Chelsea Handler.

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