Here’s to Recharging!

Happy Friday!

It snowed all night last night. There are a couple of inches on the ground and it is quite beautiful outside. On any given Friday, this snowy, winter scene would cause me immediate anxiety. I would be fretting nervously about the weather ruining all the activities and plans I’d stuffed into our two days “off.”

But today, this weekend, I don’t mind it all. I know I can only say that for one reason…it’s because we have absolutely no plans! The thought of having nothing to do on a weekend is not only odd to me, but even to my spouse. He woke me up this morning and said, “Maybe we can see if the H’s want to do Happy Hour tonight?” (P.S. Mrs. H – expect a text from me soon).

But, even that sentence made me smile because we can go to HH! We can do whatever!! I am so excited for this weekend because I plan to do a bit of “catching up” on volunteer related duties and housework, but then I plan to let it all go (or let it all be) and catch up on rest.

(Photo Source Unknown via Oh Hello, Friend)

Yes, rest. :) I am excited to curl up on the couch with the spouse and take in a couple of Netflix movies (we have The American and Eat, Pray, Love waiting for us). I hope to visit with our close friends and their new beautiful baby girl over a casual dinner or lunch. I plan to do a little yoga and do a little reading (just cracked open The Emperor of Ocean Park) and take my two days off to recharge for the very busy months ahead.

So, here’s to rest, relaxing, and recharging!!

I hope this weekend allows you to slow down and relax a bit. This week’s Friday toast made me laugh but, I think, is 100% correct:

“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”  ~Lily Tomlin



4 thoughts on “Here’s to Recharging!

  1. This is awesome!! I love love love snow. Last Night’s and Today’s weather is my favorite of any! And By Mrs. H I hope you are talking about me cause I just real real excited and I think that sounds f’in awesome! Happy Friday Stacey!! Enjoy the scene outside your window while you work today!

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