Girl Scout Cookies = Smiles

I walked into the breakroom this morning and found this:

I know! I jumped, clapped, ate three Tagalongs at an alarming speed, and ran to my office to get my camera.

These simple cookies cheered me up and for that I am grateful to the Tagalong & Thin Mint (Uhm….four Thin Mints).

Cheered me up? Yeah…this week has for some reason been surprisingly challenging. It started off great with a weekend of concerts…..but Monday brought work stress. Tuesday brought a massive allergy attack and the sale of my beloved Jetta, Nancy. And today I’m reminded of my dear cousin whose young life ended much too soon.

I’m not usually one to view the world through a glass-is-half-empty lens. It’s usually a bit cloudy, thanks to the allergies, but the glass is typically half-full. However, this has just been one of those weeks and I was having a real tough time seeing anything with an optimistic eye.

I don’t know what it was about that rainbow of cookie boxes I saw this morning, but suddenly I was inspired! Instead of wallowing in my self-imposed funk, I’m blasting good music, banging out the work that needs to be done, checking Number 4 off my my Resolutions, and thanking God for all the joy that my cousin brought to this world.

Sometimes, it just takes a little push to get us back on track but I write this post because we don’t always recognize the push. Life is full of little surprises and wonderful treats but we have to be open to these little happenings and let them excite us and inspire us in a way that we usually reserve for more “major” experiences. (Although, Girl Scout Cookie Day is pretty major if you ask me).

This might be a little deep and emotional for a Wednesday morning and it might be a little silly that four, okay, six Thin Mints and three Tagalongs can make someone so smiley and happy…but they did. I hope you’re smiling and if not, that you find your girl scout cookies soon :)


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