Here’s to Love!

Happy Friday!

Love is in the air! Per the jewelry store commercials.

This upcoming weekend is not only Valentine’s Day weekend in our household, but it is ALSO the Spouse’s Birthday!!  He already got his birthday present from me…a little lady named Simcoe. But I found this awesome idea on one of my favorite blogs from Twig & Thistle and he might get a special orange or banana over the weekend :)

Orange you glad I shared?

Image Source: Twig & Thistle

Also, we do plan to host a Beer Tasting Birthday Party for him tomorrow night. We’re sampling brews from all over the world (sort of) and will be enjoying Beer Cheese Soup, Cuban Sandwiches and Guinness Cupcakes while we do it. Assuming everything turns out awesome, I’ll be sure to post any delicious recipes and party deets for you in the coming weeks.

For everyone else not celebrating a birthday, have a great Valentine’s Day weekend! My toast today was inspired by thinkin’ of Vince Vaughn so much yesterday. Couldn’t get Wedding Crashers’ lines outta my head and this one works just right for the holiday weekend of LOVE!

“True love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.” – Claire Cleary, Wedding Crashers

Happy Weekend!


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