My Girl Crush….

….And a Valentine’s Day gift idea!

So, I’ve pretty much idolized Jennifer Aniston since the premier of FRIENDS in 1994. Since then, and my first attempt at the “Rachel” haircut in jr. high, I’ve tried to copy her style on everything from hair to workouts to clothes. I have never particularly found her romantic relationships to be all that great…John Meyer’s music makes me want to barf my veggie burger and Brad Pitt lost all his appeal hooking up with Big-Lips Jolie. However, I have kind of had a thing for Vince Vaughn whom she was supposedly involved with at some point. Vince Vaughn? Please, don’t act so shocked…what’s not to like about a fast-talking, funny man who’s really in to hockey?

Anyway, now I’m excited to report she’s come out with her own line of perfume! Woot-Woot!! Its not out yet, but you can sign up by clicking the image below and be one of the first to smell like the stunning starlet come March.

For you guys…forget to get a V-day gift for your gal? Well, put her on the email list for this perfume and let her know you’ll pick up it up the day it hits stores!

Super-cool side note, for each “LIKE” of Jennifer Anistion on Sephora on Facebook in February, they’ll donate $1 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. How can you NOT like her!!??


2 thoughts on “My Girl Crush….

  1. Hey Stacy,

    I’m thinking about starting a blog centered on yoga and all the things that go with it. Where did you go to become more blog savvy? BTW, we totally have the same girl crush! I want to BE Jen Anniston!

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