Borrow A Kid & Go Ice Skating

I’m introducing a new series to my blog….Borrow A Kid Day (with permission of the parents).

Since I don’t have children of my own, I sometimes find that I miss out on the super-cool kid activities like Disney movies and running around in circles at the park. I’ve been thinking about the very fun ages that all my girlfriend’s kids are getting to and realized that just because I don’t have my own kids, doesn’t mean I can’t borrow theirs….right?

So, for my first Borrow A Kid Day, I called up my favorite five-year old and asked him to go ice skating. I’ve been wanting to lace up a pair of skates and hit the man-made pond at our local outdoor mall for a of couple years now. But, each time I ask the spouse to take me, he doesn’t necessarily say no, it just never seems to work out. So, instead of dreaming about sacheting across the frozen pool hand-in-hand with my sweetie, I decided to make my ice-gliding goal a reality and teach my little buddy how to skate at the same time. (It was his FIRST trip to an ice rink!)

On a Sunday afternoon, I picked up my pal at his parents house and drove over to the ice rink at Centerra in Loveland, CO. It was a perfect mid-December afternoon with the sun shining brightly in the big, blue sky and the urgency of Christmas joy hanging in the air as Jingle Bells pumped from the Muzac speakers surrounding the mall.

We laced up our skates, snapped on his helmet, grabbed a small office-size trash can (that they so brilliantly provided for younger skaters) and hit the ice. We moved slowly at first, both learning how the blades interact with the slippery sheet below our feet and trying not to fall down. But before I knew it, he was digging his toe picks into the ice and sliding against his trashcan across the pond, shrieking with joy.

We did lap after lap, raced each other, met in the middle and even a tried a very short-lived, half-lap without the assistance of the trashcan. Mid-afternoon, we took a break and headed over to Barnes & Noble for a couple of Izze’s and a warm-up in the kids’ books section. Revitalized, we got back on the ice for a few more spins before turning in our blades and sitting down on the sidelines to watch the most amazing of all entertainment maintenance machines…..the Zamboni.

We watched with wide eyes as the Zamboni smoothed the chipped, rough ice while discussing our mutual appreciation for the ice beast. He told me all about his plans to one day attend Zamboni driving school which is a goal he, oddly enough, shares with my spouse.

It was an awesome day of ice skating, Zamboni watching and hanging out with a very cool kid. A big thanks to my little pal’s parents for letting him spend the afternoon with me!

I can’t wait until my next Borrow A Kid Day…a trip to Build-A-Bear with a 3-year old fashionista who I’m sure will take home a very stylish bear.


3 thoughts on “Borrow A Kid & Go Ice Skating

  1. Oh my dog… I love this concept. Let me know when the next “Borrow a kid day” is… I’ll have to join in. We’ll make it a movement!

    Love the kids, love the mentor–Stacey you are one of a kind! Give those Sullivan kids a love from Tia Laura.

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